Canadian Adventure Productions started up in 2004 and, since then, has been taking great stories and turning them into great television. These seminal programmes have aired in Canada, the US and Europe for broadcasters such as ABC, Discovery Channel, CBC, Documentary, History and others.

C.A.P is a leader in producing visually stunning signature-event documentaries and series, with uniquely compelling story-lines and gripping narrative. But, to be able to take full advantage of the visual threads inherent in any story, you first need to have walked the walk in order to be able to talk the talk. And there are few companies on the planet that have such an unparalleled background and record of working in extreme environments and high adventure.

Passion, integrity and style are the hallmarks of any C.A.P production and it is our obsession with the quality of our projects that sets them apart.

Ultimately, our belief in the importance of telling great stories is not so much a expression of what we who we are.


Ben Webster


Ben Webster is one of the world's most accomplished expedition leaders. In a career spanning over 25 years of high adventure, he has led over 30 major adventure expeditions on five of the world's continents. He is also an acclaimed television producer, documentary filmmaker, and photojournalist. Over the years, Ben has built an enviable reputation for himself. He is a storyteller par excellence who has been able to couple superior leadership abilities with elite technical outdoor skills. He is able to create, execute, and manifest an idea into reality.

Among his notable undertakings, Ben has led five successful and major multimedia expeditions on Mount Everest where he has not only reached the summit but also produced the first live broadband television broadcast from the mountain back to North American networks. During his Everest campaigns, Ben has shot and produced for networks around the world including ABC, RDS, Discovery Channel, CTV, and RDI in France. In 2003 and 2004, he mounted the Discovery Channel Expedition to Mount Everest with the purpose of producing the most ambitious documentary ever shot in the Himalaya. This critically acclaimed six-part mini-series is titled Everest: Ultimate Survival.

Ben also spent four years as an adventure consultant for the Indian government. During that time, he led many first descents down Himalayan rivers and a variety of outdoor adventure expeditions including diving expeditions, mountain climbs and safaris. As an international kayak instructor, river, and mountain guide, Ben spent a decade travelling down rivers and climbing mountains throughout Canada, the United States, Nepal, Africa, Europe, Fiji and New Zealand. And for a time, he has also owned an outdoor school in the French Alps. From the barren tundra of the Arctic Circle to the steamy jungles of Borneo and all points in between Ben has literally 'been there and done that.'